Review of Larry Crowne

This is Tom Hanks’ first production since Band of Brothers that he had complete control over.  And it made slightly more at the box office.

I have no idea why Tom Hanks thought this movie needed to be made.  Maybe after all that war, he just wanted a little fluff in his life.  He casts Julia Roberts as the love interest and then paints her as a horrible, horrible person.  The only reason anyone would root for her is because she’s Julia Roberts.  And that’s not enough for me.

Tom runs into some hard luck and finds himself back in college taking a class on giving speeches taught by a very apathetic Julia Roberts.  She tries to cancel the class, shows up hungover, leaves her husband because he looks at porn and makes fun of the students in her class.  There was never any chemistry between Hanks and Roberts and this is proof that you can just get two Oscar winning actors and have a BlockBuster.  Or even a good movie.  The best thing I can say about this film is that it wasn’t horrible. 3 bugs (out of 10)

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