Review of The Smurfs

Just finished watching The Muppets and The Smurfs back to back. I’m waiting for Josh Radnor’s version of Scooby Doo to be announced sometime next year.

Seriously, this is the second movie in a row with a How I Met Your Mother star acting alongside of my childhood television cartoon/puppet characters with largely the same result. Only I got the sense this movie figured out what it wanted to do. It was just too cheesy for me to really buy into, even as a kid’s movie.

Hank Azaria is excellent as Gargamel, basically reprising his role as dogwalker from Mad About You. And Azreal (the cat) had probably some of the best moments of the show. She (He?) played a perfectly unaffected cat with her (his?) own agenda, as cat’s should. If she (it) had a spinoff, I might go see that. But it’s unlikely I’ll be waiting in line for Smurfs Two. Unless of course, the CEO (Mabel) wants to go see it when she turns one. 4.5 bugs (out of 10).

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