Review of The Muppets 2011

Apparently, there hasn’t been a Muppet movie made since 1999. And apparently, How I Met Your Mother decided that was long enough.

This movie started out with a couple obvious problems working against it, mostly the concept of audience. Is it a throwback movie for the adults who grew up with these guys? Or a kids movie with characters they aren’t yet familiar? Or is it an awkward hybrid that tries to cater to both audiences and instead isolates both? Why yes.

A lot of people are praising Jason Segal for this movie for some reason. It is pretty entertaining, but just can’t figure out who it is geared towards. He either set out to make a kids movie and lost his way or he set out to make a Muppets throwback.

In the end, I was left saying “Oh yeah, I remember when I used to like that. That was like 30 years ago.” 4 bugs (out of 10). and decided to throw in some stuff for the kids. I can appreciate trying to cater to both. The Shrek and Toy Story franchises managed this balance quite well. But this movie felt like material written for 30-something nostalgia buffs, as it basically parodied the old Muppet TV Show, but had the type of childish humor society praises 30-somethings for having outgrown. Only the childish humor wasn’t even good for the children as it was coated heavily in tongue in cheek.

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