Review of Incredible Hulk

Review of Incredible Hulk

I almost didn’t watch this one before my Avengers viewing because Ed Norton got booted for his inability to play well with others. Looks like he took that role of Hulk a little too seriously. Also, I should have listened to that part of me that said I could skip it.

We all know the story of the Hulk. A guy who gets pissed off, turns green and can’t control himself. And we love him for his story because we all want to have the same lack of accountability for our behavior when we get angry. Sure, they hide behind the mask of gamma radiation and stuff like that, but that’s why we love Hulk. Yet, we need him to try to be a better person or we can’t justify our love for him. Yes, we are all complicated, insecure sheep and Hulk shines a light on that.

Here, the Hulk hides deep in some 3rd world country to try to overcome his Hulkiness and deal with his anger in positive ways. But he is summoned by either a need to help his old friend or a possible cure. Instead, he accidentally lets Tim Blake Nelson, the forgotten guy from O Brother Where Art Thou, harness the chemistry within him, only to be forced to inject it into Tim Roth, creating an unstoppable force with no desire to make himself a better person. Thus creating a matchup worthy of a comic book. Which is where the last 45 minutes of this movie felt like it belonged.

It had its moments, but whereas I can buy Captain America and even Thor as it’s being sold to me, the Hulk seems silly and out of place. 4 bugs (out of 10).

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