Review of Thor

If you’re like me, your most resonant memory of Thor is his cameo in Adventures in Babysitting. If you’re not like me, you probably enjoyed the movie.

This is actually a gross overexaggeration of how I felt about the movie. But I didn’t know anything about Thor going into the movie, so all this was new. I knew he was strong and had a hammer, easily confused with Tom Silva. I didn’t know he was an arrogant power-hungry demi-God from another realm extradited to earth for disobeying his dad.

I thoroughly enjoyed the planet earth stuff. His interaction with the humans, specifically the Natalie Portman human, was light-hearted and fun. All the stuff with the ice people that happened on another realm interested me a lot less, possibly for the same reason I never read comic books as a child. This makes me apparently opposite of most critics, which I’ll accept without argument. The screen time was split pretty close to down the middle between realms, which was a little too fairy tale for me. I preferred the Stellan Skarsgard “Next time you tase him, make sure he’s already in the car.” Because he was heavy and because there’d be no need to tase him if he was already in the car. See, that stuff was funny. More time on earth in Thor 2, please. 4.5 bugs (out of 10)

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