Review of Captain America

In order to fully appreciate the much anticipated Avengers, I decided to catch up on all the movies leading up to this one. Having already saw Iron Man 1 &2, I had to tackle Cap’n, Thor and Hulk (optional). Let’s start at the top, shall we?

I didn’t know Chris Evans from dried mud before this movie. And I didn’t really pay attention to the hype (if there was any) about his physical transformation. So I just assumed that’s how big the dude was in the beginning. When he got out of the thing, I went straight to the internet to look this shit up and then watched the entire movie over from the beginning. That is the level of shock I was.

I rather enjoyed the concept of Tommy Lee Jones’ weapon and the tell-tale grenade test. Additionally, Chris Evans played the part pretty well for a patch of sod. The story was a little convoluted and cheesy at times, but it kept my attention and some of the stunts even impressed me. But there was absolutely no reason that the Nazi dude had to be fire engine red with a skeleton nose. I know they’re being true to the comic book (or graphic novel if you’re a purist/dork), but as I grade movies as movies, not true-to-prior adaptations, the red dude was silly. But not silly enough to make me forget how awesome most of the movie was. 6 bugs (out of 10).

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