Every New Beginning

You don’t have to be one of the two people who check my blog more than once a month to realize the thing has been pretty stagnant for the last three months. In the time since June 3rd (my last post other than the “End Quote”), I have bought a house, had a daughter and watched 237 hours of Olympic coverage. Seems like I would have something to blog about now more than ever. So why the hell haven’t I? I’ll attempt to break it down by percentage.

I’m busy (5%): Pretty straight forward. Turns out buying a house and having an infant takes up some time. However, seeing as how I’m not working right now and the baby sleeps 75% of the day, I’m more than likely full of shit.

I’m lazy (55%): This is Honest Dustin’s way of saying “I’m busy.” Turns out that there are still 168 hours in a week and a quick calculation will prove that I’ve watched at least 4x the TV I did before having the child/going on paternity leave. Yes, I can say things like “Well, I have a baby asleep in my armpit so I can’t really type,” but that only works on other people. I happen to know that baby is in the swing and wants nothing to do with my armpit.

I’m scheming (25%): This is actually true. I’m planning on starting up another website that will exclusively be a dad blog. Finally, something with focus. The major reason I haven’t is because I haven’t gotten to pose for the picture I want to be the top banner (see “I’m lazy“).

I’m writing (10%): I’ve also taken to writing more meaningful, lengthy pieces with thought and editing that I’m trying to get published. I heard that if I have my work published anywhere, even on my own personal blog that no one reads, that I can’t get it published for real anywhere else. But this is a major excuse that I tell other people when I’m feeling insecure. Mostly, it’s the lazy thing.

Yes, I’m aware that this doesn’t add neatly up to 100%. Life doesn’t always add up to 100%. And at least 5% can always be attributed to football. Though I suppose that would overlap with I’m busy and I’m lazy. Why I am writing all of this? Because it’s time to end the silence. And I felt like a message of explanation was necessary. And I have about 30 movie reviews loaded and ready to go. And hopefully something else in between all that crap.

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