Double Feature Duel: The Pixar Story vs. Body of Lies

Double Feature Duel:

The Pixar Story vs. Body of Lies

Bout #6: The Pixar Story and Body of Lies. These movies had a lot in common in that they both strung together still pictures and played them in rapid succession to create the illusion of movement. Passed that, they really didn’t have a lot in common.

Title: Pixar never really rely on clever movie titles to drum up business. Cars, Toy Story, Cars 2. Up is really one of their most clever titles and it’s only 2 letters. So go figure a documentary about their empire would have a similarly drab title. Point, Body of Lies (0-1)

Funnier: How could you go against a movie dedicated to telling the story of the franchise that has produced some of the funniest movies in the last decade? Here’s how. It was a documentary. It wasn’t really trying to be funny. Enter Russell Crowe. I forget how good of an actor he is because he’s now a movie star, but his deadpan delivery of his well-placed zingers was enough to earn this point. Point, Body of Lies (0-2)

Poster: “Trust no one. Deceive everyone.” That’s the tag line on Body of Lies. The Pixar Story simply has a storyboard scribbling of Buzz Lightyear drawn very small comparatively flying up to the sky. I like the simplicity and the symbolism. Point, The Pixar Story (1-2)

Better Turn: The Pixar Story is a documentary. Didn’t really have a turn. Point, Body of Lies (1-3)

Better Ending: Or an ending. Point, Body of Lies (1-4)

Better Message: Follow Your Dreams vs. Tell the Truth. I’m not a big advocate of the whole following your dreams thing, but I understand it. And to be honest, I don’t really think Body of Lies has a legit message. Point, The Pixar Story (2-4)

Better Acting: Documentary. Despite cameos from Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, I’m going with the movie that had actual acting. Point, Body of Lies (2-5)

More Creative: There are a lot of categories here that kill the hopes of documentaries. Oh well. Sorry, Pixar. I’m sure you’ll get over it. Point, Body of Lies (2-6)

Watch again: Believe it or not, after all that, I’d still probably watch The Pixar Story again. Mostly because Jenn fell asleep during it and it’s on Netflix streaming, but still. Point, The Pixar Story (3-6)

Overall: And we have our first upset! Granted, it’s like the 8-9 upset, but still. On a bug scale, I’ll give The Pixar Story a 7.5 and Body of Lies a 7. And yet, Body of Lies wins the head to head matchup. That’s why they play the games. And the games ain’t lookin so good for future documentaries. Sorry again.

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