Double Feature Duel (Rd2): Big Fish vs. An Inconvenient Truth

Double Feature Duel (Rd2):

Big Fish vs. An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth was actually a good movie. Who knows? Maybe they’re the Northern Iowa of my little tournament.

Title: Tough one! These are both really good and subtle plays on words. But Big Fish is one of my nicknames. Damn. They’re even getting the lucky bounces. (Point, Big Fish 1-0)

Funnier: Admittedly, the powerpoint was not without some humor, but a movie reenacting a PPT presentation in a lecture hall should be automatically disqualified from this category. (Point, Big Fish 2-0)

Better Turn: Sorry, documentary. You tried. (Point, Big Fish 3-0)

Better Ending: Yeah, it’s almost time to call the fight. (Point, Big Fish 4-0)

Better Message: Hold on! Don’t throw in the towel just yet! This category could be called the Inconvenient Truth category. I took the train for a week. I thought about getting a bike. I went to my mechanic the same day that my muffler fell off my car. It’s already working. (Point, An Inconvenient Truth 4-1)

Poster: Two good posters to match the titles. But as cool as the Tim Burton tree is, the smokestacks billowing out a hurricane is a great, poignant metaphor. Also love the “By far the most terrifying movie you will ever see” tagline. (Point, An Inconvenient Truth 4-2)

Better Acting: OK. We didn’t really think they were gonna come back, right? There was just too much gore (in the spirit of the movie, I recycled that joke). (Point, Big Fish 5-2)

More Creative: Not just a documentary. But a documentary of a PPT. (Point, Big Fish 6-2)

Watch again: Tough one. I watch Big Fish all the time, but I’d kinda like to see An Inconvenient Truth again to really get it all. Of course, I did that with Inside Job and I think I understood less the second time. What the heck, it doesn’t really matter and I’m not above point shaving for the bookies. (Point, An Inconvenient Truth 6-3)

Overall: No Northern Iowa in the Philadelphia Bracket. Of course, Body of Lies did get to the Sweet 16 at a 7 bug rating. But that was like the NFC West. Somebody’s got to win it.

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