Quick Inside Slant: 8/13/11

Quick Inside Slant:

Impressions of the 2011 NFL Season by a collegiate intramural flag football legend


I know it’s only preseason, which used to be called the “exhibition season” until the owners realized they could steal money for them in their season ticket package, but it’s nice to see that home runs and diving outfield catches aren’t the only things hogging up SportsCenter’s Top 10. More stuff that I know after the second five preseason games:

· Miami/Atlanta – It’s really easy to pick on Chad Henne. For good reason.

· Cincinnati/Detroit – Boy, Detroit does a really good job of convincing you they’re a good team every single preseason.

· Pittsburgh/Washington – I’m not big into schadenfreude, but there’s something in me that takes joy in seeing Ben Roethlisberger get beat up.

· Tampa Bay/Kansas City – Well, last year was a fun season, right Kansas City? Let’s remember that while we’re watching this year’s debacle.

· San Fran/New Orleans – Every team has hope at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately for the Niners, their year started.

Lee Evans, the only person worth anything in Buffalo, was just traded to the Ravens for a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. I wouldn’t be too surprised to hear that the Bills traded a couple of their wins away this season for future draft picks.

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