So we left Boone. There’s only so much excitement one person can take before one decides that he needs to drive down Orlando and relax a little bit. So off we went. And we kept going. My mom asked where I went in Florida and I told her “Orlando, then Tallahassee, then
Jacksonville.” She responded by asking me if I actually got out of the car. Actually, we didn’t even think of that. That might have made for an even more fun time. Oh well. Maybe this summer.

So anyway, we drove all over the place and got on each other’s nerves a few times. Actually, Meawad and Tony got on MY nerves. They had absolutely no problems with me. Well, anyway, we had just gotten back into Maryland and were dropping Chris off at his house after this stupid vacation. Julie, also known as ChickWad, asked Chris if after all that time together in the same car if we were still friends…

Quote Of the Day 3/31/99

“Actually, I never even really liked these guys in the first place.”


Chris’ sister and dad laughed, but Tony and I just sort of looked at each other and nodded.

Honorary wad of the week,


Still Standing Right Here…

Funny Money II

Funny Money II

One interesting point of the trip we took was that we stayed in a different city with different people every night. From Sunday to Sunday, Tony stayed in a different city with different people for 8 nights in a row. That probably beats my record, if I actually kept one. WE did a lot of driving and not a lot of actual staying. I lost my hat, and when asked where I lost it, I said “Florida” because that’s about as specific as I could get. Oh well. Maybe I’ll go back to the pink ones.

Well, I’m gonna stay in Boone for this next quote in hopes that I’ll never have to take you guys back here. Actually, this is a corollary quote to yesterdays. Chris went up to the ATM worrying that it was going to laugh at his puny little bank. He came back to the car excited and
with money. The following conversation ensued:

Quote Of the Day 3/30/99

Tanis: “So it didn’t laugh at your bank?”
Tony: “Of course not. Nobody laughs at Chevy Chase. Did you see Fletch?”

I’ve always been more of a Steve Guttenburg fan myself.

Burning down the funny farm,

Tom Arnold.

Still Standing Right Here…

Funny Money

Funny Money

Sorry about the delay guys, but that last message gave me a hernia. That and I went on Spring Break. Me, Tony, and Meawad high tailed it outta Baltimore and made a B-line for sunny Florida. But we stopped in Boone, NC first, and as Drew, my Bennigans colleague put it, “why?” Well, in anticipation of having an excruciatingly exciting week, we figured that we’d begin by depleting our senses of all extraneous stimulation. And that’s when we wound up bowling in Boone.

So anyway, since I’ve lived in the area for about 6 years now, I’m kinda numb to hearing it anymore, but for those of you who don’t know, there’s a city in MD called Chevy Chase. I don’t know why, but there is. This is common knowledge to me and everybody in Maryland, but some
hick-type folk local to Boone have no idea of this city. Well, Tony, Wadzilla, and me were in Boone visiting a friend from home in PA who goes to school there, and Chris said that he needed to stop at an ATM to get money. He then grew concerned that he wouldn’t be allowed to get money out because the ATM might have never heard of his bank. So Kevin asked him what his bank was called. After Chris told him, he responded…

Quote Of the Day 3/29/99

“You trust putting your money in a bank called… Chevy Chase Bank?”

-Boone Man, Come together with your ham.

And he got his lawyer from the law offices of Murray, Akroid, and Guttenburg INC.

Boone or bust,


Still Standing Right Here…