Thinking Before He Thinks

Quote Of the Day 5/9


Hi. I hope you all are doing well in your respective finals (for those of us who haven’t gone home already). And before I say anything else, I wanted to apologize to Kate for going off on her like I did. I started out just poking fun of her humor and… Anyway, I guess it’s just been a little too long of a year. For those of you who are old hands to the quote of the day, you’re probably bored with the quote by now (John) and it’s just another stupid thing in your inbox. I admit, the novelty wears off after so long. Maybe it’ll be fun again at the start of next year, but I’ll try and make these next three messages tolerable. Don’t worry, I’ll avoid talking about the life insurance quote I’m dealing with right now.

This quote comes from Billy. I could get like a week’s worth of quotes if I just sat and listened to him talk for an hour. Well, he had a thought one day, and almost blurted it out loud, without thinking. But he didn’t. And to this, he said:

Quote Of the Day 5/9

“I have to remember to think before I think.”

-Billy Taylor

And for those of you who don’t know where it came from, here’s part of a song I wrote back in high school:

I know many people
Have stood where I stand.
I’ve been searching for years now
For just one honest man.
People tell me I can trust them
And then they’ll play their little games.
And then I tell them I’ll be faithful
And sometimes I act the same.

But I’ve tried and I’ve tried,
And I’ve lied and I’ve lied,
Still Standing Right Here…

Valentines Aftermath

WOW!!!! That was the most replies we’ve gotten in a while! I personally don’t mind them, because I have nothing better to do than to dink around in the computer lab anyway, but try to keep the one line unnecessary replies to a minimum. Most people hate paging through a lot of crap just to get to “HeHeHe. That was funny.” And I don’t want a rerun of last year, where everybody asked to stop getting the quote not because of the quote, but because they couldn’t tolerate the replies. I already had one person ask to be discluded from the list and whoever mails me back with who it is first, gets a dollar. That sounds fun, and relatively cheap.

Secondly, Weed: I know as well as you do that I don’t despise love or a holiday that celebrates it. But I, as do most people, knock it because we are without others and don’t want to be depressed on such a day that promoted love. A rational alternative is to if nothing else, pretend to be bitter. Besides, I’m so good at it. Ask Laura. Thirdly, Chris and my little attempt to bring smiles to all the girls of Susquehanna (and scattered few in the other dorms), did not have the turnout we expected. Two were actually returned (very cold), and a few people have told me that other people that we gave Valentines to think Chris or myself is obsessed with them. So instead of 210 girls thinking we did something sweet on Valentines Day, 210 girls think we’re stalking them. But I did get a few compliments, so thanks those of you who did. But actually, most people were more confused than enlightened by the gesture. Oh, well.

Going along with the theme of bitterness, I was having a conversation of Greg about one of his first ex-girlfriends and he had this to say about her…

Quote of the Day 2/15/96

“I cried for three days. It was a really bitter break-up. But then she got fat and I felt better.”
Your favorite Greg and mine.

Sleeping with the television on,

Still Standing Right Here…

A Valentine For the Ages

A Valentine For the Ages

Alright guys, I know that that new quote for a name thing I’m trying might be annoying, so tell me if you want me to change it or not. I like feedback. I figured if the list is going to be really long to scroll through, I could at least make it interesting.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!! It was weird. I walked around all yesterday really sick and completely energyless without a significant other on Valentine’s Day, wondering why I was happy. I just felt good and I had no reason to. So I stopped thinking about it for fear that it might go away when I realized that I hate my life. But rather than sulk in self-pity on the night that everyone was out with their Schnookeylumps, I decided to do something about it. A friend told me that he and another friend bought 6 1/2 dozen roses and gave them to 78 girls in Chesapeake. That is roughly half of the dorm’s population of girls. Well, now my giving (or competitive) nature kicked in. Chris (Angst Boy) and I were in Giant when I convinced him to buy every girl in Susquehanna a card and a Hershey’s hug. Chris was upset they had just ran out of Hershey’s Fucks, but what can you do. So we proceeded to hand sign every one, 210 in all, and leave them to every girl in Susquehanna. When we were done, we still had about 42 left and roughly 250 hugs. SO we went to all the other dorms and gave them to everyone we saw and spelled out a little message for Eddie, my friend who came up with the roses idea: BEAT THIS!!! -D&C. And we still went home alone, but damnit, it felt good. And it was better than the beer and porno evening that I had planned. And probably a little better than the farm animal and small children evening Chris had planned. So HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to you all!!! But if anybody asks, I still hate the holiday.

Quote of the Day 2/14/96

“A man can be perfectly happy with any woman… as long as he doesn’t love her.”
-Somebody smart

Love, candy, and that “good” feeling,

Still Standing Right Here…

Valentines Quickie

Well, the day is coming. Buy your flowers and candy now!! Or your beer and Smack Ramen noodles, depending on what you’re planning to do that night. And if any of you know any single girls out there, tell them sorry, but I’ll be busy Wednesday. I have to prepare for the coming of Goser. Bad timing. Well, since I know none of you read this crap unless it’s really short, I’ll cut off now and give you today’s…

Quote of the Day 2/12/96

“Chocolate syrup comes off really easily in the shower. I know!!”
-Kadybug “Dickless” Springle

Looking for the other five monkeys,

Still Standing Right Here…